"We are going to do great things together"

-Rashad Jennings, New York Giants Running Back

As individuals we have always given back to the community and those in need through donations, charity work, and volunteering. Now, as a collective organization, Charged Concepts looks to further our reach and influence into philanthropy. For this reason we have partnered with celebrities and influencers to create custom chargers to raise funds and awareness as well as work directly with GREAT CAUSES that we are passionate about through our Charitable Chargers Program. We are proud to introduce SHADRIVE, designed by New York Giants Running Back Rashad Jennings, as our first Charitable Charger.  SHADRIVE purchases support the efforts of the Rashad Jennings Foundation, particularly on the aspects of health and wellness for children. Get your limited edition SHADRIVE Charger and always have POWER ON THE RUN.  


The Rashad Jennings Foundation aims to inspire youth by making education fun, to provide mentorship for individual success, and to promote health and fitness worlwide. Learn more about The Rashad Jennings Foundation.


As part of our commitment to working with The Rashad Jennings Foundation, we collaborated with the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) to put on an educational and meet and greet event for children with Asthma. Included in the days activities was a Rashad led mini-football camp and filming of PSA and Educational Videos. Learn more about Rashad's Personal Experience with Asthma, AAFA, and help us #TackleAsthma


Have a Charitable Cause or Design Idea? We want to hear your thoughts and suggestions, and welcome any feedback you have about our products and programs.